Mineral Processing and Resources Recycling
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The laboratory of Mineral Processing and Resource Recycling has a tradition of developing practical, efficient and robust processing technologies focused on the various needs of the world's mineral, material and recycling industries. The TACUB Jig, commercially known as BATAC® jig, renowned in the mineral processing and coal cleaning industries for its high efficiency and reliability was developed here. More recently, we developed the RETAC® jig to cater to the growing needs of the recycling industry for plastic-plastic separation.

It is our culture to push the boundaries and continuously seek ways to develop cutting-edge technologies and to improve existing techniques in the recovery of valuable resources from both natural ores and urban wastes. To achieve these goals, we persevere to learn more about the fundamental theories and principles governing the physical and chemical interfacial phenomena occurring in complex systems and processes such as jig separation, froth flotation, agglomeration in liquid and mineral-water interactions. We are also doing studies to control flotation, and possibly other processes, using a Fuzzy logic based control system.

In addition to the above researches, we are also doing studies on advanced mineral processing technologies with special emphasis on their application to the environmentally-friendly and sustainable recycling of waste materials.

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